Koffietijd – Dutch talkshow in the morning

In the month of December Koffietijd invites various christmas families to the show. Real families, television families and friends. On Wednesday December 1st it was Froukje de Both en Leonie Hendrikse’s turn to visit Koffietijd and share with us how they will spend their christmas holidays and to talk about their new book: Thuis Best.

Leonie Hendrikse is an interior designer. Leonie’s passion lies with designing authentic creations. These are often inspired by strong and creative women: her mother, grandmother and her greatgrandmother. There was always a sewing machine on the table in the old days. Her mother could create almost everything: beautiful Vogue Couture, curtains and covers for couches and chairs. A bloodline from strong and creative female ancestors. Leonie is the owner of Stock Dutch Design. She founded this company together with her husband Jeroen. This makes them responsible for a lot of interiors in the Netherlands and beyond. She has published numerous ‘Dutch Interior Design’ and she is the creative mind behind the television show De Grote Huis Verbouwing/ The Great makeover on SBS6. Haar latest book with Froukje, also about interior, is published recently: called Thuis Best.


"'Thuis Best’ packed with inspiring photos and practical tips and tricks"