Making memories and cherishing heritage

Creativity came to me through family osmosis; honoring and re-using historical elements and accessories was taught to me from a very young age. Home is about creating new memories together, building on the family stories that may live on. Hospitality is about compassion and empathy for each other. In my designs I combine bold patterns and colors, resulting in a look that is both contemporary and timeless. Family heirlooms get a deserving role and each member of the household gets his or her special nook in the house.

To me, love for craftsmanship and refinement go hand in hand with respect for the stories of the past. When you intertwine these elements in the interior,  -think about grandfather’s armchair, a delicate crystal bowl and a one of a kind lamp base from that eccentric great-aunt- you create new synergy. Upgrading old pieces and placing them in the present, results in a warm feeling of belonging with a modern twist.

Spray-painting a dilapidated desk in a daring color gives it new live. On top a layer of thick glass so the paint and wood won’t be damaged by usage, and it is the bomb! Not outdated at all, just unique and with a bit of guts, pop-art created by you, how cool is that?

To me, love for craftsmanship and refinement go hand in hand with respect for the stories of the past.

Everyone has items, heirlooms that are deemed ugly, stored somewhere upstairs in the attic because you just can’t say goodbye to them. It is all about the symbolistic energy these items represent. Sometimes it is difficult to envision a new life for an old piece of furniture, but look at the turquoise desk of my deceased father (and his father before him). When our children sit at this desk the beauty is in the continuation of the story. At those precious moments I hope my father looks down on us with a proud smile.

Another example of heritage is to put photos of generations of loved ones together in a cabinet, dust free and not in full eyesight,  creating a kind of altar so as not to forget where you came from.

High-gloss spray painting of this antique cabinet was too far of a reach, but upholstering the back in bright yellow Moiré fabric and lacquering the shelves in deep purple just happened in one weekend. Rediscovering the story of a beloved family piece and then uplifting it with your unique creative touch, adds precious value to your interior.

Photo: Barbara de Hosson