Mesmerizing garage

Ugly duckling

Family, friends and acquaintances were a bit shocked by the purchase of this old, worn out garage. Nobody ever expected that this ugly duckling could be transformed into a beautiful swan.

The whole place was cleared out. A blank canvas of 390 m2 appeared to fill in according to our wishes and know how. We chose deliberately for a lay-out that was open, which can be seen at a glance when one enters the building. By applying glass walls and doors at the diverse offices it is possible to work undisturbed if desired. However one is still connected with the rest of the building, which makes you feel part of the whole.

At the entrance, the new glass facade is a reference to the previous antique facade from yesteryear. The light-filled reception room is the ideal spot for a first acquaintance and a nice cup of coffee.

As a visitor you subsequently walk between the offices to the heart of the studio, where you can find the grand bespoke kitchen.

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