National monument from a bygone area

In the 18th century this house is mentioned for the first time in the city archives. It is located in a very special, historical area.



The neighborhood has always been traditional and chic, it has a rich history that goes back to the fourteenth century. The development of this neighborhood started in the 17th and 18th centuries with the construction of small and large country houses for well-off townsmen from larger cities in North Holland.

The architecture of the place is very representative for the 18th Century. It had so much charm that the owners fell in love instantly; situated between the city and the beach, the best of both worlds. The magnificent view over the park with chattering birds and the grand view of the garden is a genuine feast for the eye.

Young family

The wishes from the family were very clear. The classical object with the high ceilings had to be thoroughly renovated. Naturally, it took some investigation to establish what was allowed from the perspective of historic preservation, but in the end, it did not take much time.



Furthermore Stock Dutch Design created a concept for the garden with a garden shed and a solution for the carport and the swimming pool. Integrating the garden with the house was a very important element on the wishlist of the family.

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