Mid Century vibes

In the realization of this project the typical Amsterdam ambiance is brought to life even more by the design team of Stock Dutch Design. This extraordinary house combines a midcentury style seamless with modern refinement, as a result of which an area is created that is timeless as well as fascinating.

The bespoke kitchen, designed in a midcentury way, is the heart of this remarkable house. With its oyster marble worktop and meticulous craftsmanship it radiates elegance and offers the most luxurious cooking experience. The kitchen integrates effortlessly with the living room thanks to the en-suite doors with striking steel ornaments. The arch in the steel doors reflects the graceful curves and lines of the tailor-made kitchen and creates a harmonious visual connection between the two spaces.


Let yourself be enchanted by the exciting wallpaper that decorates the walls. This daring designers choice gives the room a whiff of drama and personality. The outstanding patterns are continued throughout the whole house and give the restrooms and stairs a unique and individual nature. Every room shows the thoughtful choices that have been made which bring every corner of the house to life.

The art and the designer furniture lift this home to a whole new level of finesse. Every piece has been selected carefully to complement the overall aesthetics and to create a coherent and inspiring environment. Each room tells a story and shows a seamless mix of of art and functionality.

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