Stock Show Home on the canal

The Stock family was ready for city life again.

Everything coincided with the discovery of this old Music school that was for sale: working and living under one roof in a majestic house sounds very appealing.

The municipal monument, which was built in 1886, is located at one of the many beautiful waterways that Haarlem has in its possession. There are many authentic elements in the house: the stairs with old grandeur, the ornaments on several ceilings, the radiators, the antique chimneys, too many to mention. We have tried to incorporate contemporary technology in these elements to do justice to these.

Why did we choose this canal house? Because it offered so much opportunities. Enough space and, despite of all the small rooms, a very useful lay-out. All the square meters are divided over multiple residential floors, every floor has it’s own function: The Stock Office on the ground floor, the mesmerizing sample room and living on the first floor, on the second floor the family’s bedrooms. On the attic more bedrooms and a dance, music -and chill room with pantry.

“Enormous job”

Now that this project has come to an end, all offices have been moved and the whole house has come to life, we ‘Team Stock’ are very proud of the final result. It was an enormous job, but it turned out precisely as we envisioned it. Colorful and full of beautiful materials, but at the same time functional with well-thought-out bespoke furniture and practical PVC-flooring. In this showroom we have the chance to give our guests an even better experience in how they can realize their dream house.

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