Our own Stock Stable

A long cherished wish has been fulfilled: on November 2nd, we will move to our own Stock office. An exciting new phase in the history of our company.

After a long search in and around Haarlem, we found the perfect location in the spring of 2020. An old stable and warehouse from 1920, later converted into a car bodyshop, in the middle of the beautiful village of Overveen, on the outskirts of Haarlem. The history of the property was exactly what we were looking for; it exudes the atmosphere of hands-on and craftsmanship. 390 square meters meant that our dreams could go in all directions. There is ample room for spacious drawing and work tables, display of fabrics, wallpaper and other materials, and meeting rooms for customers and professionals. At the beginning of June 2020, the contracting company J. van der Windt started the renovation.

Our move, like all big decisions in life, is “bitter sweet.” We loved our six years in the basement of the monumental House Barnaart on the Nieuwe Gracht in Haarlem, we will leave with a collection of beautiful memories. From publishing our first book in the hall of mirrors at the top of the majestic staircase, receiving many dear customers in our ‘cloth room’, creating hundreds of designs and mood boards, meetings and lunches in the lovely backyard, listening to the carillon,  to a cup of tea in the kitchen to relax between the many appointments. This place will be dear to us forever. The creative time in House Barnaart has given us the confidence to continue to innovate. We optimized our distinct signature and changed our name to Stock Dutch Design. It is time, we are ready to create new memories in our own “Stock Stable”.

"Our move, like all big decisions in life, is "bitter sweet.”

The Stock team has put their heads together to come up with a creative plan that radiates Stock Dutch Design from the parking lot to the back door. The bespoke built ins, fabrics, wallpaper and lighting, of course in fantastic colors and patterns, give the visitor a visual of ​​what is possible in a Stock design. In addition to our Stock Signature, we immediately opted for a state-of-the-art healthy and safe living environment, with optimal insulation, air circulation and energy-saving equipment.

After the old garage layout was cleared,  the beautiful space revealed itself, an empty canvas where everything was possible. We opted for an open floor plan, where the layout is clear upon entering. The offices are open and closed at the same time, because we created glass walls. This way you can quietly  work and consult while still connected to the whole. The building thus becomes part of the team.

The ancient garage doors are replaced by a large glass facade with a beautiful front door. When you enter through that door you are welcomed into a light-flooded room with a lovely sofa and chairs; a place to relax, get acquainted and sit for a first meeting. Then you walk between the offices to the heart of the office, a large family kitchen with a triple function. First of all, of course, the primary task is coffee, tea, snacks and lunch, in addition, we show our customers what is possible in a kitchen design and this space will also be the place to have a drink and celebrate life. From the kitchen you walk to the rear area with 2 “cloth rooms”. In these rooms all our fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, floor samples, taps, sheet material, etc are displayed. This is where the magic happens! On the long table in the middle we place the chosen materials, per room, so that the flow from one room to the other is immediately clear. It is a special moment in the design process, because this is the first time our customers can see, experience and feel what the creative plan will look like.

The opening of our office will also be the start of a special collaboration with the Danish brand Gubi. Their ever-changing collection can be seen and experienced in our beautiful new home.

November 2 is the day, we cannot wait, and hope to be able to welcome you soon.