Serene retreat in the Dutch capital

A marvelous house in the heart of Amsterdam, where elegance and sophistication blend together with innovative design.

This home embodies contemporary luxury and it is a harmonious combination of style, functionality and comfort.The dark blue bespoke kitchen is the center of the house. The deep tones of the cupboards give the kitchen a whiff of opulence and it creates an outstanding contrast with the fresh white counter. Every detail has been carefully created to make sure that form and function merge into each other. The kitchen offers the perfect balance between esthetics and functionality.

Throughout the whole house one finds an extensive collection of design furniture, selected in detail to complement the modern esthetics.

Every piece of furniture tells a story of craftsmanship and artistic vision. From iconic counter chairs that radiate elegance, to a sleek sofa that invites you to relax. Each element has been selected meticulously to create a coherent and welcoming atmosphere.


The rooms give you a sense of modest luxury, with smooth lines, neutral color palettes and strategic lighting that emphasizes the architectural elements.

The glass facade on the back provides this home with an abundance of natural daylight which gives it a warm and inviting ambiance. During the night one can find peace and quiet at the fireplace in the living room.

“Warm and inviting atmosphere “

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